Jivana Journeys - Book one of our exclusive spa packages for the ultimate experience

Experience Jivana Journeys

Take a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation with two or more Jivana Services in one of our exclusive spa packages, or spend the entire day with us for the ultimate spa experience.

Classic Experience

Deeply relaxing combination of a 60 minute therapeutic massage
followed by a 60 min facial.

2 hrs / $160

Therapeutic Experience

A 60 min therapeutic massage followed by a mud wrap in our Soft Pack Flotation System.

2 hrs / $165

Deep Rejuvenation

Your journey begins with a full body exfoliation, followed by a rejuvenating mud wrap in our Soft Pack immersion System. Exfoliating the skin first allows for penetration of the nutrients from the mud, as well as greater detoxification.

105 min / $145

Lymphatic Detox Body Wrap and Massage

The dry brush massage stimulates the lymphatic system, followed by a full body massage with an herbal oil for lymphatic drainage. A mixture of Ayurvedic and Western herbs specific for lymph stimulation and detoxification are blended with an essential oil/castor oil mix which is applied as a body masque. The heated soft pack table allows for maximum absorption of the therapeutic ingredients.

2 hrs / $165

Java Lava Clay Ritual

This uplifting treatment begins with a therapeutic massage​,​ using​ an organic ​massage oil, with a citrus blend of pure essential oils. Following the massage, we apply a warm, volcanic earth clay masque and you float weightlessly in our Soft Pack Float. A shower is followed by an application of ​organic Shea & Argan Mango Lotion​.

2 hrs / $165

Bliss Experience

This half-day program begins with a Tibetan Pedi-Kur, then a 60 minute Therapeutic Massage and ends with a rejuvenating, custom facial leaving you in bliss!

3 hrs / $240

Jivana Nirvana

A beautiful day awaits you with our ultimate spa package! It begins with a Tibetan Pedi-Kur Foot Therapy, a full body exfoliation, then a mud wrap in our Soft Pack Float. A light lunch is served in one of our relaxation areas, followed by a 60 min. therapeutic massage and a 60 min. facial.

5 hrs / $395

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