Jivana Journeys

Experience Jivana Journeys

Take a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation with two or more exclusive Jivana Services, or spend the entire day with us for the ultimate experience.

Classic Experience

Deeply relaxing combination of a 60 minute therapeutic massage
followed by a 60 min facial.

2 hrs / $160

Therapeutic Experience

A 60 min therapeutic massage followed by a mud wrap in our Soft Pack Flotation System.

2 hrs / $160

Deep Rejuvenation

Your journey begins with a full body exfoliation, followed by a rejuvenating mud wrap in our Soft Pack immersion System. Exfoliating the skin first allows for penetration of the nutrients from the mud, as well as greater detoxification.

105 min / $145

Lymphatic Detox Body Wrap and Massage

The dry brush massage stimulates the lymphatic system, followed by a full body massage with an herbal oil for lymphatic drainage. A mixture of Ayurvedic and Western herbs specific for lymph stimulation and detoxification are blended with an essential oil/castor oil mix which is applied as a body masque. The heated soft pack table allows for maximum absorption of the therapeutic ingredients.

2 hrs / $165

Java Lava Clay Ritual

This uplifting treatment begins with a therapeutic massage​,​ using​ an organic ​massage oil, with a citrus blend of pure essential oils. Following the massage, we apply a warm, volcanic earth clay masque and you float weightlessly in our Soft Pack Float. A shower is followed by an application of ​organic Shea & Argan Mango Lotion​.

2 hrs / $165

Bliss Experience

This half-day program begins with a Tibetan Pedi-Kur, then a 60 minute Therapeutic Massage and ends with a rejuvenating, custom facial leaving you in bliss!

3 hrs / $240

Jivana Nirvana

A beautiful day awaits you! It begins with a Tibetan Pedi-Kur Foot Therapy, a full body exfoliation, then a mud wrap in our Soft Pack Float. A light lunch is served in one of our relaxation areas, followed by a 60 min. therapeutic massage and a 60 min. facial.

5 hrs / $395

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