Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

The ancient healing art of Massage Therapy has been used in all cultures to reduce stress, muscle pain and soreness.  Traditional Chinese medicine speaks of Qi (Chi) as energy flow or life force.  When blockages are removed through massage, Qi is restored enhancing wellness.
Discover the ancient art of massage at Jivana Green Spa & Salon. From therapeutic to deep tissue to hot stone, we have the right touch for you.

Therapeutic Massage

Traditional, firm Swedish-based massage, with integration of the most effective bodywork techniques.

30 min / $50
60 min / $85
90 min / $125

Aroma Massage

This personalized aromatherapy massage begins with an aromatic foot compress, and inhalation, followed by your choice of one of five exquisite essential oil formulas. We use therapeutic-grade, organic essential oils, to create a beautiful and relaxing experience for you.

60 min / $90
90 min / $125

Deep Tissue Therapy

Therapeutic massage with deeper, slower techniques on the areas most in need.

30 min / $60
60 min / $95
90 min / $140

Sports Massage

Enhance your workouts with special deep tissue techniques to release those muscles in most need. We individualize the treatment based upon your specific needs.

60 min / $95
90 min / $135

Prenatal Massage

Experience what a therapeutic massage can do for you during this special time. We customize the experience for your needs throughout your pregnancy

60 min / $85
90 min / $125

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are used to warm the muscles, and work out muscular tension using therapeutic massage techniques.

60 min / $95
90 min / $135

Thai Massage

Through deep muscle stretching and joint release, Thai massage offers many of the same benefits as yoga such as, profound relaxation, stimulation of internal organs, increased flexibility and flow of energy.


90 min / $125
120 min / $170

Couple’s Massage

Enjoy a Therapeutic, Aroma-Massage or Deep Tissue massage, side by side, in our lovely Couple’s Room.

60 min / $170 – $190
90 min / $250 – $280

(Price depends upon technique of massage chosen)

Optional Enhancements

Infrared Sauna, Before/After

Dry Brush Massage

Foot Ritual: Treat your feet with a volcanic stone exfoliation, mud masque and massage with Shea Restoration Butter.

Organic CBD Oil enhancement:  this is a great addition to your massage, offering anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.


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